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Admiration for All Things Remarkable

Brand Remarkable believe that great ideas and striking creativity should be acknowledged, to not only compliment, but inspire and excite forward-thinkers!

From now on, we will be showing you some of our favourite creatively remarkable projects and ideas, that really stand for the values we support and believe in. A brand isn’t just about the product or the visual images associated with it. To us, the key to making a Brand Remarkable, is to make it memorable, in the most honest way we know how. To really make a connection with people on an emotive level. For an audience to feel your passion and want to be involved is so powerful, so rewarding and so special.

This post zooms into the rainbow to show you just how powerful a group of women standing as one can be. ‘Confetti Crowd’ describe themselves as ‘The UK’s most colourful Girl Gang of Creatives’ and they’re probably not wrong. With wardrobes as bright as an artist’s colour wheel, Confetti Crowd are a group of Girl-Boss entrepreneurs that promote self-love and believing in your own creativity. Between them, they’ve created a brand that stands for something more than just the promotion of a product or service, and have created a platform for people to mindfully and creatively engage with all kinds of topics and projects.

Each of the four girls have their own creative business, but they use their harmonious passion for adventurous and colourful style to come together as one, with intent to inspire and generate contemporary ideas. Confetti Crowd have utilised their social media presence in a way that gives back. Though their Instagram feed displays trendy outfits and fashionable blogger events, it also touches on some sensitive and empowering subjects. Each topic they post about is visually represented amongst their group photos and colourful subjects with some great illustrations by up and coming graphic designers that fit their vibe. But the content of such posts is very raw and very real.

‘Mental Health Monday’ provides a safe space to openly discuss topics such as bullying and anxiety. Whilst ‘Taboo Tuesday’ touches on topics that are sometimes seen as inappropriate or too personal to talk about, such as menstruation, contraception and trans-inclusion. Confetti Crowd prove how openly talking to one another is a great way to create a support network and weaken social stigmas. ‘No Worries Wednesday’ encourages kindness to ourselves through self-care, meditation and knowing our bodies well enough to spot changes to our health. This is really important, and little reminders like this can go a long way. As we get to ‘Talk Love Thursday’, The Confetti’s discuss different kinds of love, including self-love, friendship and the variety in relationships. They also write about things such as the conflict that can sometimes occur between religion and love, and staying true to one’s own beliefs. Meanwhile ‘FEMALE EMPOWERMENT FRIDAY’ is everything The Confetti Crowd wholly embody. Talking body-positivity, rejecting beauty and fashion standards and how valuable and empowering it is to surround yourself with supportive friends, these girls really make you appreciate their dedication to female empowerment and unity. Moving on to ‘Save the World Saturday’, they remind us of something we can all so easily forget – to Reduce, Re-use and Re-cycle!! Not just our plastics, but our clothes! Vintage finds make for sustainable fashion, and Vintage Queen Helena (who runs her own Vintage clothing company – Sassy World) shows us how incredible it can look. Top tips on where to find cruelty free make up is also another thing that reminds us of how we can be more ethical with our choices. Whilst ‘Super Boss Sunday’ promotes and encourages small businesses to take a leap of faith and to whole-heartedly believe in their ambitions.

The Confetti’s bright fashion and personal projects, combined with being so open about subjects that can often been ignored or undervalued make Confetti Crowd such an important Girl Gang. They show us how girls should treat one another and create a space to encourage the discussion of thoughts, feelings and creative ideas. They also have a blog that elaborately goes into detail on all things fun, fashion and taboo. Whilst on their YouTube channel ‘CCTV’ they give an insight into their daily lives, blogger events and host Q&A’s, that mean the audience can really get to know them on a more personal level. They are a very candid group that prove you can achieve anything if you really commit yourself. They are so passionate about what they do, complement each other so well, and have successfully created a brand that has more meaning than just rainbow fashion and personal brand promotion. Their visionary ideas and endless support for girls everywhere have really made them memorable. Whilst The Confetti’s crazy and fun fashion initially attracts, their open discussion surrounding subjects that evoke feeling and endless commitment to inspire and to support is what truly connects them with their followers.

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