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Instagram Nametags: What are they?

Instagram’s latest feature is their ‘Nametags’. Like a QR code, Instagram creates a unique image that allows people to scan said image to instantly access your Instagram page. Various Nametag designs are available, which allow you to customize the look of your tag, meaning you can make your tag suit your brand. This new feature means promoting your business’ Instagram account can be a little fun and will hopefully gain a bigger audience.

The app allows you to save your name tag as an image, straight to your camera roll. What you do with it from here is the exciting part. Listed below are some suggestions of how you could use your newly-created Nametag:

  • Place it on the ‘Contact’ or ‘About’ page of your website
  • Create poster and place in your shop window
  • Create flyers with your Nametag on that go out with everything you ship to customers
  • Print it on your product labels
  • Place it as part of your email signature
  • Print it on your business card
  • Post to other forms of social media

By creating a Nametag and utilizing it in ways suggested above, potential customers will have easier access to your Instagram account, which should overtime increase your following and therefore raise your outreach! Happy Name-tagging!


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