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Instagram TV: The Latest Social Media Tool

What is it? How do we use it? How could it be useful?

As you may or may not have seen, Instagram has launched a new digital tool and we think it could have some great potential to become part of your social media strategy. Instagram TV has launched via Instagram, though there is a separate app should you choose to install it. Unlike Instagram, videos aren’t limited to 1 minute: you can post footage that is up to ten minutes in length or an hour if your account is verified. Designed to be used on phones, videos are all vertical and full screen; optimising how we view videos on our phones.

As a creator, all of your followers will automatically be following your IGTV channel so when you create video content for the TV, your followers have access to it as soon as they ‘turn on their TV’ (or open the app). For this reason, the program has potential to be a great marketing tool.

With it being so new, there is no research to show how effective it can be as part of a marketing strategy. However, this modernity means that unlike YouTube which is so full of unfiltered content, IGTV is becoming full of creative influencers and businesses contributing useful and interesting material, relevant to independent profiles.

Being a business or brand, seeing what works for you is essential. But some ideas on how you could utilize this new tool include: tutorials, behind the scenes action, promotions and sneak peaks of events and new projects, or featuring the use of new products and how you may use such.

Alongside creating brand new content for IGTV, if you have a valued highlighted Instagram Story video, you could post it to IGTV to increase the number of people its viewed by. Remember, your followers will see these videos as soon as they launch IGTV. Unlike Instagram, there is no photographic content distracting from the videos and your followers will no longer have to actively click on your profile to view a Story Highlight, your videos are more accessible and should therefore reach a wider audience.

Have fun playing with this new tool!




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