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Online and Offline Marketing

Since the rise of digital and online marketing, traditional methods such as leafleting have been regarded as outdated and have therefore taken a backseat in contemporary marketing strategies. But at Brand Remarkable we believe that both Online and Offline marketing techniques should work cohesively to compliment one another and optimise the outreach of your business communication methods.

A great example showcasing how the two can work together successfully, is the marketing of BE Festival 2018 in Birmingham; a European Arts Festival that pushes conventional boundaries in theatre, visual and performing arts. BE Festival prides itself in creating relationships with the general public through rich and engaging conversation, which then goes on to compliment all online marketing, as people are likely to be left intrigued and wanting to find out more. Even if such an event isn’t your thing, we all know someone that knows someone, and conversation is a great tool to reach those people!

With a big emphasis on flyering to try and create such conversation, the festival creates a personable, friendly and welcoming panorama from the very beginning. The festival week itself blurs the boundaries between audience and performers, which is grounded by a sense of community. This is very much present in the marketing techniques of the festival.

Visually bringing both online and offline approaches together as one, is key to making them work cohesively. BE festival for example, picked two colours and used them for all online and offline needs, and not just for marketing, but for decoration during festival week too! Association with colour is a great way to make your brand or campaign memorable.

In the weeks leading up to Festival week, BE Festival also sent out their artists in residence Müller and Dietl to the streets of Birmingham with their interactive art installation, creating conversation with people of the city. The objective of their project was to get viewers to interact with the world around them – but whilst doing so, they were also promoting and engaging with people about BE Festival itself.

There are many ways to create captivating and positive conversation surrounding your brand. We are in a digital age and we know good online communication is essential, but it is still necessary to create a fun and engaging offline outreach, to ensure we do not forget about personable, friendly and REAL conversation.





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